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fanatic at 22/12/2014 09:41:44 (ID:0612225)

I just purchased Da Vinci Code on DVD. Why does it take ages to unwrap the damn thing! It's just like a cryptic puzzle in it's own right, and I ain't managed to see the darn film yet!

Firstly, the shrinkwrap plastic is IMPOSSIBLE to remove and once you finally manage to get in, are you ready and able to watch the film?? hell no. On the edge of the case is 3 superglued on stickly labels sealing the case. Why all three sides?? It took me like 4 minutes to get into the film I purchased. I had to use a knife in the end,

knowing that one little mistake will ruin my case forever.

hadenuff at 22/12/2014 00:27:46 (ID:0612224)

am fed up - being the one getting hassle at work for anything and everything thats wrong - whether or not its my fault - beacuse everyone else constantly off sick - and im only one whos ALWAYS there to blame

Daz at 21/12/2014 22:03:01 (ID:0612212)

Bloody friends, they say they will do something and they bloody don't. Thank god for real people who do what they say. You know who your are. Cheers!

disgruntled at 19/12/2014 12:54:11 (ID:0612191)

If I have to talk to just one more stupid customer today I am going to explode!